Money, Lust and Sex

Half of any population is the male. Always searching for the sex.
Their lives devoted to this pursuit. What male will be success?
Protect the territory, guard the harem, all the sex for one, no less.
The spoils are for the strongest, fastest; antlers, teeth and horns are brought to test.
Display and posture, dance and sing, its all about who is best.
Power, force and stamina will win the day, its death or relegation for the rest.
Homo sapiens, in his urban world, plays by other rules.
Tall with wide shoulders, flat abdomen and narrow hips, this helps a bit.
Social and communication skills will improve the hit.
But, when all is said and done, words and looks will count for none.
Its with cash and valid credit cards that the day is won.
Promise of long career, lawyer, doctor, engineer. Or be rich man’s son.
Wardrobe GQ, million dollar condo in the upscale trendy neighbourhood,
A cool sports car will then seal the deal, at least it should.
So if you are a man of means, finding sex is “no hay un problema”.
You can find the steady girlfriend who will help you spend your moolah.
If you’re a romance guy, find the lady of your dreams and marry.
Then you will spend spend spend, from beginning to the end.
Another choice is phone me for a time and I’ll provide the sex, just fine.
These ways, every man pays for the fuck. No money, you’re out of luck.
“Sex is the most wonderful, natural and beautiful experience that money can buy”
A quotation by some guy

In the end its all about Money, Lust and Sex. Men looking to satisfy need of body, satisfy the need of hormones, need to mate and have off-springs. World has become a nasty place where everyone is running behind Money, Lust and Sex.

Everyone is bothered about needs of physical body, but no one is thinking about the needs of mind and soul. Nobody is looking inside to check their mind, soul and conscience clear of guilt.

What is Wrong? The Mind or the World?

Is the world wrong? No the world is just as it is: Always a changing misery!
Are the other people wrong? Nothere is just greed, hate and ignorance…
Is the society wrong? No, the kammic cause and effect isperfectly just & fair!
Is you yourself wrong? No, since there are just passing mental & material states…

What then is Wrong?
The aversive mind opposing and rejecting some reals, while accepting others is wrong!
This stubbornly defying mind defends a rigid stand & fight against any present reality…
Why is this resisting combat mind wrong?
Because however much it clashes with both the internal and external faults, it cannot ever cure them… Rather they grow stronger!
Opposition simply does not help anything at all! Rather it aggravates the problems…!

Why do all the Buddhist Monks always smile?
Because they know the things as they really are…! And They simply accept it, just as it
really is!

With money you can buy a house, but not a home
With money you can buy a clock, but not time
With money you can buy a book, but not knowledge
With money you can buy blood, but not life
With money you can buy sex, but not love.

So what can you buy with money???


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