Being a Better Person

  •  Thank people often.
  •  Give appreciation and love.
  •  There is always room for one more person.
  •  Smile at all times- I remain happy for myself.
  •  Do not listen to negatives.
  •  Work on your self esteem and yourself.
  •  Your past is not your future; You can change your life.
  •  Learn to encourage people, than to improve them.
  •  It’s better to praise than to correct or criticise.
  •  Just because someone is laughing, does not mean they think it is funny.
  •  Always be in the solution mode.
  •  I can apologise and I can say “I am sorry”
  •  When I am angry, I have no right to be disrespectful to anyone.
  •  When someone is rude, just say…Shh, I am turning that person into a prince or a princess.
  •  People need your acceptance before they need your help.
  •  You can be more than you are.
  •  We are all-important.
  •  Take responsibility for yourself, you cannot want anyone to do anything for you.
  •  To change a situation, you need to change yourself first.
  •  Be a people’s person.
  •  It is your obligation to change and grow.
  •  Encourage and give respect.
  •  Be gentle and do not take anyone for granted.
  •  It’s a choice to be an encourager.
  • Honour is a feeling of great respect.
  • Do not compare- you will always feel lost.
  • Do not criticise and be patient.
  • You can change lives with praise.
  • It takes so little to uplift others.
  • Learn how to react and respond.
  • Under-react when things happen.
  • Revenge is not your goal, joy is your goal.

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