5 types of humans

According to humans’ behavior, there are 5 types of them..

1. Humans like Hell beings.
They live recklessly, not ashamed to killing, stealing, etc.Because of their evil deeds they suffer mentally and physically a lot in this life, and hell after death.
2.Humans of greed.
Who don’t know the limit of their food and drinks. Most of them get sick of that and die in vain. They rarely born as human again.
3.Humans like wild animals.
Humans who never develop wisdom and do not think of others ,most of the time born in hell or as animals.
4.Humans like Humans
Humans who develop wisdom and live peacefully with all others. They most of the time born as humans or in heaven
5.Humans like Gods
Those who wishing the well being of others than theirs, and act according that, falls in to this category. Most probably they will be born in heaven.


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