Happy Friendship Day..

I have a request to the Lord Buddha

“Please let all my friends be healthy and happy forever ?”

Buddha says, “Only four days !”

I say, “Alright, Spring-day, Summer-day, Autumn-day, Winter-day.”

Buddha says, “Three days !”

I say, “Alright, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”

Buddha says, “No, two days !”

I say, “Alright, White-day and Black-day.”

Buddha says, “Just one day !”

I say, “Alright, when all my friends are living in every single day.”

Buddha smiles and says, “From now on, all your friends will be healthy and happy in every single day !”

There are no strangers…only friends you haven’t met yet

What is a true friend?

Monks, a friend endowed with seven qualities is worth associating with. Which seven?
He gives what is hard to give.
He does what is hard to do.
He endures what is hard to endure.
He reveals his secrets to you.
He keeps your secrets.
When misfortune strikes, he doesn´t abandon you.
When you´re down and out, he doesn´t look down on you.

A friend endowed with these seven qualities is worth associating with.

– Buddha


About chaitanyaiimc

A Lost Soul from India To introduce myself, I am an engineering graduate from one of the Top 20 engineering colleges in India and An management post graduate from Top 3 B-School in India. On Journey to find true meaning of life and to understand the puzzle called life.
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