Great facts for your life

1: The greatest enemy in life is:
The Ego…
2: The greatest deceit in life is:
This is Mine …
3: The greatest failure in life is:
Narcissism …
4: The greatest acid in life is:
Envy & Jealousy…
5: The greatest error in life is to
lose Self-control …
6: The greatest crime in life is
betrayal of Parents …
7: The greatest deplorable in life
is pathetic Self- pity…
8: The greatest success in life is
correcting own failure…
9: The greatest bankruptcy in life
is lewd immoral conduct…
10: The greatest wealth in life is
health and understanding …
11: The greatest debts in life is
clinging and lack of purity…
12: The greatest gift in life is
Patience, Tolerance & Forgiveness…
13: The greatest shortcoming in
life is lack of present Awareness !
14: The greatest soothing relief in
life is Generosity & kind Charity !


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