Life Lessons from Buddha

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

This means that there is plenty for everyone. Reality is that abundance is everywhere and none of us should be greedy.


“All wrong-doing arises because of mind. if mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?”

This is a core belief that basically means that everything that is wrong with our lives and the world around us stems from bad things in our mind. When you grow and free your mind evils, negativity, and suffering disappear from our lives.


“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

In other words what you focus on is what you become and what you attract into your life. What ever you take your focus away from fades out of your life. This ties back into things like the law of attraction and to movies like The Secret.
Our thoughts shape our reality!
“Buddha said in his teachings that the mind is everything. “What you think you become.” So if you want to create your reality as a positive one, you must fill your thoughts with good things. As they say, if a man speaks or acts evil, pain follows him. But if a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows. What you think of dictates your actions and your actions dictates the outcomes. Everything that starts from right thinking ends up in a favourable outcome. Buddha also states that “all wrong-doing arises because of mind.” So to live happily and productively, leave all those negative thoughts behind and start filling your mind with positive ones”

Nothing in this world is permanent!
All things don’t last forever. Your sufferings and even your successes don’t come with you forever. Well, this explains that we should always take advantage of whatever we have now because they won’t be with us for long. This life lesson from Buddha is also very comforting in times of sorrows and failures as nothing in this world is permanent. We can always go through all of these heartaches as long as we take actions and view life positively.
All these life lessons from Buddha are important guides for people in all religious sects and nationalities as life experiences are universal. Buddha has made a lot of great teachings that if we use in our daily encounters, we may find peace, joy, contentment and true happiness within us.

Nothing fades faster than physical beauty…

All things break apart!

Nothing is thus worth clinging to..

Material things won’t give you true happiness!
I have learned this life lesson from Buddha after realizing that all those gadgets, money, designer clothes and even the most expensive car won’t make you happy for long. Material things lead to more cravings and these cravings are the root of sufferings and bitterness. Learn to leave all those material things for a day and you will learn that those things that cannot be counted and held are more important in life.

Seek peace within
People equate peace to a new house, new car, new job, and even new relationships, but true peace emanates from within us and not from others. Peace is a perspective that you are living your life happily and peacefully so instead of seeking things to give you peace, reflect and find peace within you.
Learn to forgive and forget!
Anger is like a fire that slowly burns you down unless you learn to forgive. Those who hold grudges in their hearts are captivated in their own prison. You can never move on and experience life fully if you are held in that darkness. In this line, learn to let go of your anger and exercise or embrace forgiveness because it is only in this way that you get out of the prison that you and only you has created.


Life is never easy!
As Buddhism states “A jug fills drop by drop,” it implicates that life must be full of patience and in order to succeed. As jugs are filled one second at a time, people also attain success one step at a time. Those who are willing to start small will end up filling their jugs and harvesting the fruits of their labor. All people start from drops in their jugs and without patience and sacrifice, they can never see their jugs fill up. So Buddha inculcates in people’s minds that patience is a virtue in this world where life never starts from success, but begins small.


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