A kind heart is the essential cause of happiness

A kind heart is the essential cause of happiness. Being kind to others is the nicest thing we can do for ourselves.

When we respect others and are considerate of their needs, opinions and wishes, hostility evaporates. It takes two people to fight, and if we refuse to be one of them, there is no quarrel.

…A kind heart is the root of harmony and mutual respect. It prevents us from feeling estranged or fearful of others. It also protects us from becoming angry, attached, closed-minded, proud or jealous. When opportunities arise to help others we won’t lack courage or compassion. If political leaders had impartial minds and kind hearts, how different our world would be!

As all problems arise from the self-cherishing attitude, it would be wise for each of us, as individuals, to exert ourselves to subdue it. World peace doesn’t come from winning a war, nor can it be legislated. Peace comes through each person eliminating his or her own selfishness and developing a kind heart…

we can each do our part beginning today. The beneficial result in our own lives will immediately be evident.


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