Death – the ultimate truth..

L.Buddha :  Dear monks ..! Have u seen that people collect and carry, woods and leaves of this temple garden..?

Monks : Yes L.Buddha..

L.Buddha : So when u see it, do u think that they carry yourselves and going to burn and eat..?

Monks : No L.Buddha we don’t think like that..

L.Buddha : Why is that..?

Monks : Those things are not belong to us, that’s why…

L.Buddha: So as dear monks..This body your having can be taken away by death any given time, do you understand that..?

Monks : Yes L.Buddha, we will not be able to stopping death taking this body away..

L.Buddha: So it is correct to think this body is yours..?

Monks : No L.Buddha, that is incorrect..

L.Buddha: Dear monks…Always be mindful of the reality, that will be beneficial to all of us….


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