Atheism – my understanding

Theists continue to tell me that my life is void and meaningless without God. They do not (yet) understand how liberating it is to cast off the false and harmful superstitions which bind so many. They cannot see the much-larger picture through my eyes, nor appreciate the sense of awe and wonder that comes with each viewing.

It’s not about comfort. It’s not about what is easy or socially acceptable. It’s not about placating others to keep the peace. It’s not about tradition, culture, family or fear.

It’s about living real life in the real world, understanding and accepting the responsibility we all have to govern our own lives and working to better this world for all.

I see no evidence, anywhere, for any gods, and this does not make me sad or cause me dismay. It liberates me. It unshackles my mind, my heart, my hands. It allows me to approach each day with a curious mind, a full heart, and a tremendous sense that I must maximize each moment of my short tenure here.

I am moral. I am good. I am part of an evolutionary story that spans billions of years. I am a rationalist. Humanist. Atheist.

And I am free. 

Be encouraged, my friends. Life…is good.


One thought on “Atheism – my understanding

  1. I’m not clear on what the value is in being moral, good, liberated, responsible, or curious, if, in fact, we came from the dirt, we return to the dirt, and the accident called life is a joke played by evolution that forces us to look for meaning that we will never find.

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