Eight lessons of the Buddha for a happy and harmonious life

1. Start small – this is normal. A jug fills slowly, drop by drop. Each artist was once an amateur. We all start out small, do not neglect small. If you are consistent and patient, you will succeed! No one can succeed in just one night: Success comes to those who are willing to start small and work hard until you fill the jug.

2. Thoughts are material. Our consciousness – that is all. You become what you think. If a man speaks or acts with evil thoughts, he pursues the pain. If a man speaks or acts with pure intentions, followed by happiness, which, like a shadow, will never leave. In order to live properly, you need to fill in the brain  right thoughts. Right thinking will give everything you want, wrong thinking – an evil which in the end will destroy you. All the offenses arise from the mind. If the mind is changed, there would remain misdemeanors?

3. Forgive. To contain the anger in yourself – it s like that to grab a hot coal with the intent to throw it in someone else, but it will burn you. When you release those imprisoned in the prison of unforgiveness, you free from this prison themselves. You cannot suppress anyone, not suppressing, and myself too. Learn to forgive. Learn to forgive quickly.

4. Your actions have meaning. To grow, you have to act, to quickly develop, we must act every day. Praise – for everyone, but know it will be the only ones who are constantly working. The proverb says:  God gives every bird a worm, but does not throw it into the slot. The Buddha said,  I do not believe in destiny, that falls on people when they act, but I believe in destiny, that falls on them, if they do nothing.

5. Try to understand. We no longer fight for the truth, we started to fight only for myself. First, try to understand, and only then try to understand you. You should make every effort to understand the viewpoint of another person. Listen to others, understand their point of view, and you will find peace of mind. More focus on how to be happy than be right.

6. Win yourself. It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory – yours. Her you cannot take away neither angels nor demons, neither heaven nor hell. To win yourself, you need to win their minds. You must control your thoughts. They do not have rage, like sea waves. You may be thinking:  I cannot control their thoughts. The thought comes when it pleases. To which I say: you cannot prevent birds fly over you, but surely you can stop her twist slot on your head. 

7. Live in harmony. Harmony comes from within. Do not look for it outside. Do not look outside of what can only be in your heart. Often we can find out, just to distract themselves from the true reality. The truth is that harmony can only be found within. Harmony – this is not a new job, not a new car or a new marriage, harmony – a peace of mind, and it starts with you.

8. Be thankful for. Let us stand and thank for the fact that if we did not learn much, at least, have not spent much time, and if they lost time, then at least do not get sick, and if sick, or at least did not die. There will always be something that is worth thanking. Do not be so pessimistic that for a minute, even at the time of argument, you will not be able to recognize at least ten things for which you should be grateful. Not all were able to wake up this morning, yesterday; some have fallen asleep for the last time. There is always something that is worth thanking. A grateful heart will make you great!


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