Karma I – Journey to understand Karma

“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious”Albert Einstein

From childhood I have been very curious by nature. Always questioning beliefs- why my parents worship God? Why,they ask us to seek blessing before the exam? Why we ask God to give us this / that?

After few years of going through same question again and again, but no satisfactory answers, I tried to understand What/Who is God myself. The journey was not easy as it seems, trying to find answers of which no one had a concrete clue. In this journey I Tried to know and understand the reason why people worship. Why they follow any particular religion or belief in certain entity personified as God?

This journey over the years had turned me into an atheist. The journey started with reading a lot about the origin of religion and their evolution. Most interesting was how the concept of God and priest evolved across civilizations from Egyptian kings who were treated as gods to Indus valley – Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro civilization to modern Hinduism, Christianity & Islam. This journey of discovery gave me a concrete clue – how over a few generations, stories and mythologies become stories of God and His miracle. How the concept of Good and evil / the concept of heaven and hell / the concept of afterlife and rebirth made entry into common man’s mind through the preaching of the chosen few. How right to preach and right to education was restricted to a few people and how what they told became truth.

During this journey, I reached an important milestone. After all the research and lots of reading over the years, I decided to follow Buddhism. And have realized over a period of time. That Lord Buddha and his way of living is practical and well suited for our fast paced life. Buddhism is not a caste or religion. It’s a philosophy of life taught by Lord Buddha and we are his follower.

“If there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs it would be Buddhism”Albert Einstein

Buddha has shown the middle path to his followers. And once you Start meditation and understand Vipassana and you try to understand the importance of the present moment – the importance of NOW.

“Nothing is permanent”Lord Buddha.

Everything and everyone on earth is temporary. The Teachings of Buddha helped me to stop thinking and worrying about the future –Or, what to do next or what not to do. Why to worry about the future, which is so uncertain, which changes every moment.

The journey led me to another milestone – understanding Karma and how it affects your destiny/future.


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