Ending the Yin Yang of our Karmic Life

Yin and Yang: in nutshell

  • Are opposite qualities
  • Never exist in isolation:
  • Never exist in a static 50-50 balance:
  • Are always spoken of in relative terms:
  • Are interdependent: One cannot exist without the other, they can be distinguished but not separated
  • Are mutually consumptive:
  • Are mutually transformative: Extreme Yin ultimately transforms into Yang and vice versa

Yin+Yang - Circle of Life
Yin+Yang – Circle of Life

The whole concept of yin yang focuses on duality and how two parts must come together to form a whole, therefore, good and bad must exist in unity in the formation of one’s soul. In this world, No one is hundred percent moral. Or no one can claim that they have never made any wrongs or mistakes. One simply cannot exist without good and evil residing in their heart. Understanding the good and bad is an important part of understanding Yin & Yang

The Power of White/Good

White energies will help you balance your decisions, and have a neutral outlook. It will help the mind fight and come out of the dark to a pure living. This colour stands as a brilliant hue for the human eye.

Best used in safety and cleanliness, white goes well with products that define purity, order, and simplicity. Overuse of white, can however not be healthy. Strictly speaking, white is not a colour, but the manifestation of the presence of all colour the complete energy of light. It stands for wholeness and completion. In many cultures it represents openness and truth. White has a cold quality. It can provide clarity as its energy is complete.

White has purification vibrations and can be used to clear blocks from your path. It holds the potential to move toward every other colour and this makes it a good choice for new beginnings, and development in any direction.

White usually has a positive connotation and is a combination of all colours that make up the spectrum. It balances the virtues of each colour fairly, and hence, is considered perfect.

The Power of BLACK/Bad

Black in contrast to white is the most misunderstood colour. Dense and powerful, black is a heavy and timeless colour. It defines mystery, and is often referred to as an unknown colour. It is well known that Black symbolizes death, grief and mourning in some cultures. Native Americans thought black was good because it was the colour of soil, which gives life. Also black defines an end, which is followed by a new beginning,

Yin Yang & Karma
Karma means action = reaction
yin yang = balance of positive and negative energy
karma = what you do, reflects back on you
yin yang = finding a sense of balance

yin and yang dragons good and bad
yin and yang dragons good and bad

Karma is an action. Like a good deed (gave charity) /bad deed(robbed a bank) whereas yin yang is just opposites like black/white, fire/water, soft/hard, hyper/calm. Also note that karma depends on a prior action – a good deed can bring good karma – more good things, whereas ying yang just are, for example a pool of water in the backyard has no bearing on the fire burning in the fireplace. Or another ying/yang a person can remain calm regardless of how hyper their spouse is. But let’s say they cheat on their spouse, then that act will bring them bad karma, it depends on what they do.

Karma is basically the law of cause and effect, action and reaction. Karma is set in motion by the deliberate actuation of events that have a direct effect on other people. Karma is a non tangible element, it is a universal force or power.

Yin and yang is not good versus evil as many westerners believe. Yin and yang is actually similar to a set of scales and symbolizes the perpetual harmony and balance of the universe. Karma is the governor that ensures that this balance is maintained, second per second.

I can best describe Karma like the Yin Yang wheel. With the light easily wrapping itself around the dark. They exist together quite nicely, the minute you have a positive thought or emotion the Yin Yang wheel immediately starts spinning around and ending with the negative or dark side.

Then the negative emotion comes out because it is the opposite of the positive. We live in a world that is a polarity or a duality existence, where everything has an opposite. The moment we recognise a positive thought the wheel starts spinning until the darkness comes around. So as you can see it is a never ending cycle.

One way to stop the ever spinning of the wheel is to step into your Heart, right there, is the keys to enlightenment and the line drawn across the wheel to stop the spinning action. We live in an illusion, we are not our physical bodies, we are not our emotions, we are not our ego’s. We are our True Self, Self with a capital ‘S’. Stand back for a moment and find your Self and ask Him or Her to now reside in your Heart.

Now, see how objective your Self is, see how Neutral your Self is. Your Self has no agendas like your ego, it has no emotions like your emotional body. It is pure Love. Take time out now to move into your Heart and become your Self, now observe your emotions. Be the independent observer of your thoughts and emotions.That simple step is the spoke that stops your Karma wheel from spinning. Just by being aware and standing independently and objectively observing.

balance of heart and mind_yin_yang
balance of heart and mind_yin_yang

Now what you want to do is either write down any negative emotions you have as you go about your day. Or do it as the negative emotion comes up. Then feel the emotion moving into your Heart Chakra, in there the other half the positive side to the negative joins to become a whole. Imagine the negative emotion in your Heart as a half of a ball, then you can find the other half by naming the opposite to the emotion you sent to your Heart.

So if the emotion you sent to your Heart was one of anger, so you would call for peace or calm. For each emotion the opposite may be of a different name, so this time your anger’s opposite might be peace, last time it may have been calm, it could be forgiveness, happy, joyful or content. You will have to find the most appropriate opposite for your needs at the time.

So you have found the opposite you have the whole Yin Yang ball in your Heart imagine it is the colour of white, I also see angel wings. Of course that is up to you. Then I send it out of my Heart out to our Divine Source and Creator.

balance of life_yin_yang
balance of life_yin_yang

You have stopped the spinning wheel of Karma, just by being the objective observer, that Self really is. Soon you will be your Self all the time and you won’t even need to write down your emotions. You can just let your emotions flow through you and your Self automatically observes. Self doesn’t feel the need to get caught up in the dramas of emotions, but processes them much much faster through the Heart.

Does it mean you will become unfeeling robotic type being’NO’ we are emotional beings that do have feelings. We just process them more easily and get on with being a spiritual creator rather than dragged down by the spinning wheel of Karma that our thoughts cause.


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