Finding Inner Peace in Adversity

Finding Inner Peace
Finding Inner Peace

Many people are undergoing extreme internal and external chaos during the frequent shift and the resulting changes it imposes on one’s lifestyle. The forces of transformation are chaotic and confusing to an unprepared mind and body.

When we are stagnant in our life, we are like running a treadmill of repeated patterns, these patterns repeat over and over, and that oppresses and suppresses our consciousness growth. This makes a human being feel truly unhappy and isolated from connection and meaning. Being stagnant in our identity, routine and daily schedule, also suppresses our mental development. This stagnation of the soul, promotes anti-life values and oppression. This oppression weighs even heavier on a burdened mind, and therefore leads to a burdened body. And a burdened body and cluttered mind becomes unhappy, disconnected, chaotic and then sick.

“Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.” ~Unknown

Finding Peace in a World of Struggle:

This world can be a dark place many days. News reports of shootings, innocent lives being lost, terrorist threats, unrest, and struggle are constant reminders that we live in uncertain times. Past hurts, our present reality filled with pressures, the future may seem to loom with fear.

Many times we wonder, is finding peace in the midst of all this even possible?

One quote can reminds us,

“Peace. It doesn’t mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

Inner Peace - Calm Boat in Stormy sea
Inner Peace – Calm Boat in Stormy sea

Stress, anger, disappointment — these are parts of life, just like happiness, calmness and laughter.

How do you deal with difficult situations and emotions everyday in your life? What do you do to cultivate a sense of well-being and peace for yourself?

I finally stopped and stayed stopped, when I decided to become addicted to something else: Peace – Peace with the body, peace with other people, peace with the way things turned out. Easily said than done at times.

The greatest obstacle to finding inner peace is the belief that there is something wrong with what we are experiencing right now or with the way our life is. As long as we are rejecting our current experience and looking for a different one, we will never be content in this moment.

Then new possibilities arise in our mind – If only this were different… if only that would change …then I could experience more peace.

The underlying belief is that finding inner peace is not possible, with my current set of thoughts, feelings or circumstances. My peace is dependent on something changing, on something being different. So, then we try to fix ourselves and our surrounding environment in different ways.

The expression “what you resist persists?” By trying to push away the bad stuff or change it into better stuff, we are forever judging this moment as not good enough and therefore postponing our happiness. Whenever there is a judgment or resistance we cannot be at peace with ourselves.

Finding inner peace involves giving up searching and choosing to be content, just as we are.  Inner peace is not found through self-improvement. It comes from self-acceptance. The amazing thing is that one can experience sadness, depression or anxiety AND be completely at peace. Once you start recognizing them, you can go about changing your thoughts. Through observing how your thoughts differ from the way you really feel, you can choose to place a different thought in your mind, which more accurately reflects the way you feel.

Peace is experienced when we allow everything to be as it is without resistance, when we learn to say YES to every experience. The feeling in itself isn’t that bad. It is the ‘story’ around the feeling that robs us of our peace.  Awareness is the key to finding inner peace.

Bringing the Practice of Acceptance into Daily Life

Perhaps the key to feel real peace is being able to accept what is. Acceptance simply means recognizing your ego’s voice and rejecting it. We can do this knowing that the only person we can change is ourselves. As soon as we start to think, something is not right, not the way it should be, or we become judgmental about a situation or a person—their words or behavior—we know we have moved away from accepting what is, by wanting to control what is outside of us.

If your intention is strong and comes from the deepest part of you, it will happen. Outwardly, nothing changes; peace comes from making change inside you. Finding inner peace is not about changing any of the thoughts, feelings or emotions but rather about changing our relationship with one’s mind.

It begins and continues through becoming more aware of who you really are, knowing you are loved, making changes in the way you think, practicing loving-kindness, and accepting what is.

As serenity and unconditional love fill your heart, you will accept that you cannot go back, and will not relinquish what you have now found, that peace that you seem to have been searching for your whole life. Finally, you will come to this—deep inner peace inside you that endures, regardless of what challenges life brings.


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