Author – The Lost Soul

Something I heard: If God had not created man, the concept of God would not have been created by man! Now there is a chicken and the egg analogy!

Human wisdom comes in many forms, People have sought God in probably every culture.

“You may believe in 33 million Gods, but if you dont believe in yourself, You are still an Atheist” – Swami Vivekananda

An Atheist by religion..

A firm believer of Buddhist Philosophy!

I have been through many rough patches in my life. I have had bad relationships and bad friends. I made a million wrong choices in my life. But I realized that all my life I was only making efforts to make my friends stay and make my relationships work. Although I know that I can’t keep all the people happy all the time, I was only trying to make other people happy at the cost of my happiness. But now I will live for myself and for my self- respect. I am not here to live up to anyone’s expectations. I will not allow anyone to take me for granted anymore because I will never be a victim of deceit or manipulations. I am free spirited and I have learned to live and survive on my own terms. I am invincible and you cannot break me even if I get emotionally worked up. You can win my heart with love but I will never be a victim of anyone’s selfish motives. I have my own unique personality and I am confident that I can handle my life beautifully

I’ve taken up meditation … well, it’s better than sitting around doing nothing…It’s deep. In fact, it’s very deep..


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