Inner Peace – The Importance of Accepting People Where They Are

Inner peace Accepting People Where They Are
Inner peace  – Accepting People Where They Are

On my journey to find Inner peace – I was recently in a situation where the actions of a person where confusing, hurtful, and frustrating for me. I spent so much time judging, being sad that he wasn’t acting in a way that I expected, being hard on myself, and wondering what I might have done to make him act this way. I have to interject that these are all behaviors that I know will only cause me more suffering, but I do believe that trying situations are always tests to see just how much we’ve learned on our paths in life. Continue reading “Inner Peace – The Importance of Accepting People Where They Are”

Letting Go - a path to happiness

Letting Go – A path to happiness

Acceptance is letting go, but it is difficult to accept and let go.  There are stages to go through before you get to it.  Your starting point is always a love/passion/hatred/greed, but something happens, some kind of a conflict or hard life circumstance, and you move into shock.  The change causes you to feel a deep insecurity, which in turn leads to self-protective defensiveness, even anger.  There’s a period of denial and some self-pity.  You wonder how this could have happened to you.  You don’t accept responsibility for the part you played; you run away for a time.  But you find yourself missing the goodness and the love that you started out with, but seemed to have lost.  This leads to sadness and regret. Continue reading “Letting Go – A path to happiness”